Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Corny Point

Corny Point
Corny Point is the last community of the western end of the Peninsula’s 'Foot',and as the name suggests, the bump on that part of the foot resembles a corn on a toe. Corny Point is unusual for a town, as it is in several sections with farm paddocks in between.

The lighthouse was completed 1882 on the headland to assist ketches and windjammers as they rounded the Point en-route to Point Turton, Minlacowie, Port Victoria, etc, as close by there are several dangerous reefs and protruding rock formations. The limestone for the lighthouse and the two keepers’ cottages, plus the two 10 000 gallon underground rainwater tanks came from a nearby farm. As Corny Point never gained a jetty or wharf the only way to load and unload the ketches was by smaller boat and or horse and farm dray. A slow, tedious, hard, and rough method for everyone involved, but it was the only way. Otherwise it was a day’s ride to Point Turton, and then another day to ride back. With the advent of better transport, and rough tracks becoming graded roads, sea-loading ceased in 1942. From then on the Point Turton Jetty was used.

The lighthouse became automatic about 1960, and the cottages and tanks were dismantled, leaving the lighthouse standing alone on the headland.

Corny Point, although still in two sections, has slowly grown over the years, with community sports clubs, a general store and a caravan park. Numerous holiday homes are being built every year, especially during the last 20 years since the main road to Warooka was sealed.

Heading south along what used to be the 'Dust Bowl Road' (now also up-graded and sealed) towards Marion Bay, Stenhouse Bay, etc, one comes across side roads pointing to places such as Berry Bay, Point Annie, Gleeson’s Landing, Daly Head, Formby Bay, all of which in days past were simply local fishing locations, and today popular surfie beaches. Gleeson’s Landing was also known for its pipe clay quarry. That’s where the clay to make Grandpa’s pipe came from for many years!