Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Yorketown

Yorketown began in 1872. First it was called 'Weaners’ Flat' as this was where the young sheep were weaned from their mothers. For many years an old shepherds hut stood nearby about where the Town Center Public Toilets now are.

Although Yorketown was never laid out like other towns, being at a five roads intersection - which over the ensuring years has lead to interesting shaped allotments - the town has become a major commercial center for the Southern Yorke Peninsula. The first store was a hawker’s van on the south-east corner, which subsequently became 'Weaners’ Flat General Store'. That same site still has a much enlarged commercial retail outlet, now part of Yorketown Bakery, Clothing and Electrical Store. Yorketown also has two hotels, the oldest family-owned Ford Dealership in South Australia, (Australia?), numerous shops, a modern hospital, area school, community services groups, all-weather airstrip, mechanical workshops, etc.

Some five kilometres to the east of Yorketown is Pentonval Corner. To the left on high ground is the old Pentonval homestead and stone outbuildings where my late grandfather (Edward Hollingworth Giles) grew up, attended the old Oaklands School, which is another 4 kilometres to the east. 100 years ago there was the school, hotel, blacksmith, shops, hall and church. All that remains today is the old school house, and several private houses, and a roadside sign, reading 'Oaklands'.

Grandfather Giles went on to become district clerk for DC Melville, then for Yorketown, Auditor for Dalrymple for 28 yrs, Yorketown Corporation for 25 yrs, Southern Yorke Peninsula Hospital board for 35 yrs, Member of Parliament for Yorke Peninsula (County Ferguson), 1926–33. He was awarded an Australian Government Citation for Serving the local Community in 1946, but unfortunately passed away before receiving it.

5 kilometres west of Yorketown one comes across a group of houses by the roadside, with a well-kept oval, plus a signpost which reads 'Sunbury', another tiny community which although it has a cricket club never developed into a town. It is just a group of houses by an intersection.