Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Edithburgh

100 years ago Edithburgh was the largest seaport on the Yorke Peninsula, and for a short while had the largest export tonnage outside of Port Adelaide. The town dates back to 1871, and excavation work for the jetty commenced shortly afterwards, with the jetty opening in 1873.

Edithburgh sits on low, hard limestone cliffs. The surrounding cliff top area became storage areas, initially for bagged grain, then as years went by, gypsum and salt. During 1877 the Edithburgh Primary School opened its doors to young students. In 1881 Edithburgh became a Corporation, with a fixed population of 234 residents.

During the 1880s, drought helped change the face of Edithburgh and the surrounding farms for many years, but there was an unlikely saviour - SALT.