Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Coobowie

Approximately 5 kilometres further on from Port Giles is the small township of Coobowie, which overlooks a wide shallow sheet-rock bay. It is adjacent to an unusual tidal inlet where one can find many species of water-birds, some of which have flown from far-flung corners of the world to nest on the shores of the inlet.

On high ground behind Coobowie, in a farmer’s paddock, there is the entrance to a cave which meanders in numerous directions underneath Coobowie. According to local legend during the first and second world wars an entire family actually made the main cave their home. During the 1970s a group of cavers from the SA University spent a week on the site, and managed to map all the accessible sections of the cave system.

Coobowie, although first established as a small loading port of call for ketches, is today a popular holiday town with large caravan park, numerous beach-side cabins and units, and a well-stocked general store, along with a tennis club, hotel and various community groups.