Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Port Giles

Port Giles
Port Giles is approximately 2 kilometres south of Wool Bay and is South Australia’s newest shipping port. It is also the deepest at the low tide depth of 11.6 metres which allows modern bulk grain carriers to load safely.

The 617 metre long jetty was completed in 1970, with the first double row of 10 concrete silos completed the year earlier. This was soon extended to a double row of 20 silos, then a second separate row of steel silos was added a few years later. Even then at peak harvest time the silo complex quite often had to close till a grain ship arrived to empty some of the silos. Additional outside bulk storage has recently been added.

Grain ships during the 2011 harvest loaded 879,000 tons of grain from Port Giles destined for international export markets. During the summer months after harvest one quite often sees two grain ships moored out in the Gulf, while a third is at the jetty loading.