Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Wool Bay

Wool Bay
Wool Bay (originally called 'Pickering') is the next small community down the coast from Stansbury. It also was a 'Mosquito Port' for the ketches, regularly loading wheat and barley for Port Adelaide. The little town is built on the cliff top, with a incline road cut into the cliff face which ends on the foreshore landing by the old jetty.

Wool Bay kept its name as it was used by the nearby Pentonvale Pastoral Lease to load the bales of wool onto ketches, and the name stuck. Years ago there was a shop, school, church, community hall, plus a large bagged grain stacking area. That has all vanished over the years, leaving memories and numerous holiday homes.

One standout feature is a unique up-draft lime kiln built into the cliff face, where limestone was burnt years ago to produce builders lime.