Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Port Victoria

Port Victoria
The old 'Cape Horners' town of Port Victoria, on the western coast approximately 20 kilometres south-west of Maitland, is protected from westerly storms by nearby Wardang Island.

The town jetty was opened in 1878. During the next year three of the tall ships that visited Port Victoria were the 'Cardigan Castle', the 'British Duke', and the 'Salamanca' During 1880 there were at least eleven tall ships from overseas at Port Victoria loading bagged wheat and barley for shipment to England and European ports.

By the 1930s numerous four and five-mast windjammers were using Port Victoria, all anchored between the town and Wardang Island, making a magnificent sight. Then, once fully laden there was a Grain Race back to their English or European home port. The 'Passat' won the 1949 Grain race, completing the trip in 110 days.

The other smaller grain ports on the Spencer Gulf - Balgowan, Port Rickaby, Port Minalcowie, Point Turton and Corny Point, were served by the ketches, schooners and small coastal steam ships plying between those ports and Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Port Victoria. They took out grain, wool and firewood, and brought in super-phospate, implements, piping, cornsacks, etc. for each local community.