Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Pine Point

Pine Point
Pine Point located about 16 km south of Ardrossan on the Coast Road (now called the 'St Vincent Highway'), is another small community which was a 'Mosquito Port' for the ketches to call at to load the bagged grain and bales of wool from the surrounding farms, till the new grain silos opened at Ardrossan. Pine Point survived the transition as there is an implement manufacturer in the small town who specializes in making Rocking-Picking Machines for the Yorke Peninsula farming community, and who also sells the machines to other stony farming regions of Australia.

Several kilometres north of Pine Point is the headquarters for Rex Minerals who are involved with an extensive Copper-Gold Exploration Project, (Hillside Mine Site), which through a major core-drilling project has discovered extensive high-grade copper and gold deposits north and south of Pine Point, along with other minerals such as iron ore, silver, lead, etc.

About three kilometres to the south-east of Pine Point, on a separate sealed road leading from the St Vincent Highway, one discovers the 'Millionaires Playground' of Black Point, which is a long, flat sandy point stretching out into St Vincent Gulf. It currently has approximately 160 holiday homes facing onto the Gulf. Black Point is believed to be named from the local natives who used to camp out on the point during the early days.