Kangaroos are marsupials

Kangaroos are marsupials - which means a kangaroo mum carries her baby or 'joey' in a pouch - for around ten months. Even after the young 'roo leaves the pouch he continues to drink from mum for up to 18 months. Check out the joey in his mum's pouch - highlighted in the pic.

Female kangaroos have only one baby at a time - no twin pouches on a kangaroo!

Joeys when they are born are small - no bigger than a cherry - and they immediately climb into their mother's pouch and stay there for about two months. After that they will begin to come out, but will quickly hop back in when there are signs of danger!

You can often see bigger joeys with their head and feet hanging out of mother's pouch.

Kangaroo and joey. Baby Kangaroos are born very small and immature. They crawl into their mother's pouch and are fed there until they are large enough to leave.