Kangaroo facts

The best known kangaroos are the big kangaroos, both the reds and the greys. They're fast! A bir - 2.1 metre (7ft) tall eastern grey can travel at up to 55 km/h (35 mph), covering up to 8 metres (25 ft) in one jump.

Male kangaroos are known as 'Boomers' or jacks; females are known as jills or flyers. Young kangaroos are known as joeys. Groups of kangaroos are generally called 'mobs', though sometimes they're called 'troops'.

Kangaroos hop. Because it is the most energy efficient way to get around. But I reckon there's more to it than that. I reckon God delighted in making all sorts of different animals. The design is brilliant. Their feet are specially designed to hop, their tails balance them and act as shock absorbers.

Kangaroos are good at swimming. It's the only time they can move their legs independently. Also, it's very difficult for them to move backwards.

There's not much in the Australian outback that can give a fully grown 'boomer' a hard time. Perhaps a dingo or a wedge tailed eagle might.