Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a landmark in Sydney Australia. The unique shape of the Sydney Harbour Bridge makes it instantly recognisable as a symbol of Sydney, and of Australia

As she was in the 1930s - the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Australia. Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was an engineering achievement in the depression years of the 1930s

The Sydney Harbour Bridge - nearly finished! The Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction. The Sydney Harbour bridge project, which was completed in 1932, was the major engineering project in Australia at the time
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The Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 19 March 1932. This was a significant event for both Sydney and all of Australia, making the further development of Sydney possible

They built a quarry, a settlement, and three ships just to carry the granite for the pylons at each end of the bridge. About 18 000 cubic metres of granite was mined at Moruya, about 300 kilometres south of Sydney. Each granite block was cut, dressed, and numbered, and then taken to Sydney in one of the three ships built just for the job. 250 stonemasons and their families lived in a temporary village at Moruya for the duration of the job. The bridge took 8 years to build.