Southern Tasmania and the east coast

Tasmania is a beautiful place, but lags behind the rest of Australia economically, resulting in a contraction of the population, losing more than 20 000 people annually at present. This is due partly to it's isolation - 100 miles of water is a natural barrier - and partly due to an unwillingness to develop.

But it's natural beauty is undeniable, as these pictures from the east and south of Tasmania show. Hobart, the capital, is dominated by Mt Wellington. It is an imposing backdrop to the city, and the views from the top are spectacular. visitors are well catered for. Hobart, the destination port of the Sydney to Hobart ocean race, is defined by mountains and waterways, with great natural beauty around every corner.

The east coast is justifiably a very popular holiday destination. Quiet, peaceful beaches, with clean sand in spectacular locations. Very different from the spectacular wildness of the west coast.