HMAS Adelaide, at Jervis Bay, Australia

HMAS Adelaide, at Jervis Bay, Australia
HMAS Adelaide, at Jervis Bay, Australia. Spectacular sunset photo of HMAS Adelaide, near Jervis bay.

Copyright © Joanne Paquette Photography. Used by permission and with appreciation.

HMAS Adelaide is the third RAN ship by that name. She is a helicopter carrier, with a somewhat awkward title of a Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD). Together with her sister ship, HMAS Canberra, she is the largest ship in the navy. At 27 500 tonnes with an overall length of 230 metres, she is bigger than the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, which was retired in the 1980s.

All three services are present on board. The Navy personnel operate the ship; there is accommodation for 1000 troops with 100 armored vehicles and four landing craft; and there are 12 attack/ transport helicopters on board. There is also a 40 bed hospital.

She was launched in Spain, where she was built, on 26 July 2012, and completed at the Williamstown dockyard in Melbourne.

Jervis Bay is located about 200 kms south of Sydney. 70 square kilometres of land on the southern headland of the bay form the Jervis Bay Territory, which is a territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is the home of the Royal Australian Navy base, HMAS Cresswell.