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Australia, the movie.

Australia, the movie.

I suppose one of the purposes of movies is the same as fiction books - to express in a story truths about people and groups of people and the way they think and respond in different situations. To bring to light the things people do that in the immediate action may be hidden by the assumptions of the time. In so doing to challenge the way people think about things. To move people to change their ways of thinking about things that happen

At the same time a movie has the purpose of entertaining people, to give them a good time, and to make them feel good about some part of themselves or 'their' people, their country.

'Australia' is a story that touches many aspects of the way we see ourselves. it challenges us, challenges our past, challenges our perception of ourselves. It shows the Australian character in both some very positive ways, and in some very negative ways.

Why are we here?

So what is the purpose of What are we trying to achieve?

I have a dream. A dream of a website that tells about Australia, and gives people the opportunity to share in that, both by contributing their stories, or by purchasing some Australian made product.

The march that wasn't

Three weeks ago, on Saturday the 8th of October 2011, I went on a march through Melbourne. With about 4000 other people! Down Wellington Parade, Flinders St, Russell St, Bourke St and finished at the steps of Parliament House in Spring St. You can see some of the march in Flinders St in the pic below. It fills one side of the road for at least two city blocks ahead and there are many more further back out of the picture.

The march for babies moving down Flinders St Melbourne on October 8 2011