Why are we here?

So what is the purpose of ThisIsAustralia.com.au? What are we trying to achieve?

I have a dream. A dream of a website that tells about Australia, and gives people the opportunity to share in that, both by contributing their stories, or by purchasing some Australian made product.

I want to tell the stories of Australia. Not all of them, obviously, but those that seem important to me. Stories of people who somehow show the spirit of Australia. Stories of the places of Australia that catch my attention, that have a history or spirit that embody that same spirit. Stories of events that have significance.

Some will be people and events which are a part of our national consciousness - such as Steve Irwin, or the Beaconsfield Mine Rescue. These are things which affected the whole nation, and even had significant effect internationally. You will see stories like this appear at the times when they are current, but also for people and events long gone, like the item on CY O'Connor, who was one of the amazing men of Australian history.

They won't always be well known. Often they will be people or events which have slipped under the public radar, which have not made the news, but which are significant anyway. Stories of people who have made a difference with their lives. People who have never had, and often would not want to have had lots of publicity. But people with an interesting story anyway. I'd like to tell some of these stories too.

But it doesn't have to be only me! You may have a story about Australia, too! And you might like to tell it too. I'd like to welcome you to do so. You can send in your story or your pictures. I won't guarantee I'll publish it, because not everything is suitable for this site, but I will make every effort to publish everything I receive. If your item is published you will get the credit, and a link back to your website if you have one. Copyright of your stuff always remains with you. And I'll let you know either way.

But there's more. Part of my dream is to give the many people making some very creative stuff in cottage industries all over Australia a place to market their stuff. What I have in mind is genuine Australian made stuff, products made i a vast variety of places all over Australia. Some of the stuff I have seen are truly works of art, and worthy of a broader market. Like the furniture maker I saw near Bunbury in Western Australia. One man working alone in a shed, and he turns out amazingly beautiful pieces of furniture using local hardwoods such as Jarrah and Karri. And there are other, more mundane products. Furniture and UGG boots. Wooden toys. 4WD stuff. Unique timber giftware. Handspun yarns from wool or from alpacas or ... Handmade clothing ... and so on.

If you are someone who makes a genuine Australian made product and want to market your stuff here, please contact us and I will discuss the details with you. There is no cost to you in doing this!


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