Welcome to This is Australia


We love Australia!

From the haunting beauty of the dry outback to the bustling life of our cities,
From the beautiful beaches with the pounding surf to the lush green rainforests,
From Uluru to Kakadu,
From Broome to Brisbane,
From the Great Ocean Road to the Great Barrier Reef,
From Perth on the thriving west coast to the majestic harbour city of Sydney,
From historic Hobart to dynamic Darwin,
From the business capital of Melbourne to wonderful Adelaide,

We love Australia!

From the spectacular game of AFL football to the majestic game of cricket,
From the snowfields to the surf
From the splashing youngsters to the Olympic champion
From the newest migrant to the oldest indigenous Australian,
From the peaceful backyard to courage on the battlefield

We love Australia!

This is Australia, this is our land ... !


We want to tell you about Australia, what it's like, what the people are like.

We want to bring you some of the Aussie stuff so that you can experience something of what it is like in this wonderful land. A website showcasing Australian Cottage Industries.

You will discover many parts of Australia's history, its people, its land. And you will be able to buy things - pictures, clothing, sporting goods, and so much more, all Australian to the core.

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